May 28th 2013

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This post title is "Commercial Real Estate Loans"

commercial real estate loans

$275 billion of commercial real estate loans will mature this year.

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September 5th 2012

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This post title is "Commercial mortgage lenders"

Commercial mortgage loans available for all property types including: apartment, mixed use, land, retail, industrial, office, construction projects, joint ventures, hard money.

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October 21st 2011

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This post title is "Commercial Real Estate Loans $4,250,000 closed"

We just closed a Multifamily Loan in San Diego:

80% LTV

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September 22nd 2011

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This post title is "Commercial Real Estate Loans"

Yes we are still making commercial mortgage loans!

Visit our site and apply today!

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August 25th 2011

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This post title is "Commercial Real Estate Loans"

We are open for business to make commercial real estate loans!

Check out our website and apply online!


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May 26th 2011

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This post title is "Commercial Real Estate Loans"

Our team evaluates your information and gives it to one of our nationwide loan specialists according to location and property type and contacts you based on your preference. A customized loan solution is then presented to you.

Qualification and
Pre-Approval Commercial Real Estate Loan is submitted for pre-approval:

* 1003 application and loan
submission form
* Tri-merged credit report
* Purchase and sales contract
if applicable.

Issues to borrower a Conditional Pre-Approval Letter within 48 hrs of complete package submission stipulating:

* Loan amount
* Rate
* Documents required for Underwriting
* Documents required for closing

Streamlined Underwriting

* Commercial Mortgage Borrower Signs pre-approval letter and
appraisal processing fee and
returns to Lenders Commercial Mortgage
* Provides all additional information
and documentation

* Orders appraisal
* Orders title
* Conducts fraud guard
* Obtains environmental insurance
* Conducts real estate and income
analysis (when applicable).

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February 19th 2008

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This post title is "Commercial Real Estate Sites"

It was late October, and Redfin, an online real estate brokerage firm based in Seattle, had received just three months earlier a $12 million investment led by the marquee venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson. In the interim, the mortgage industry melted down, foreclosures spiked and housing sales slowed to a crawl. Now, one of Redfin’s biggest markets, Los Angeles, was battling a series of wildfires and Redfin’s sales had stopped cold. Commercial Real Estate Financing

Redfin was not the only victim of bad timing. Venture capitalists poured about $50 million into three other real estate Web sites last year — Zillow, Terabitz and Trulia — only to watch the market enter a historic slide.

Now, although most of the real estate industry wishes it could fast-forward through 2008, these online start-ups are surviving nicely. Pretty Neato, Each company recently reported strong sales and increases in Web traffic. Trulia surged to the top by the end of 2007, from sixth place in 2006, according to Nielsen Online.

Although these sites are not growing as quickly as they might have during a bullish market, they are at least growing.

“In September, we thought it was maybe the beginning of a very long downturn,” said Glenn Kelman, Redfin’s chief executive. “But for whatever reason, the last few months have been very strong for us.”

Executives of Trulia, Zillow and Terabitz said they, too, were encouraged by recent results. Online real estate companies, they added, could be today’s version of the online travel agencies that flourished after the Sept. 11 attacks: a cheap alternative for suppliers looking to market a product that is suddenly in low demand.

In this case, brokers and agents have seen their marketing budgets shrink in lock step with their commissions as they struggle to sell homes.

“There’s no doubt that a lot of brokers are feeling some pain right now,” said Pete Flint, chief executive of Trulia, a real estate search service based in San Francisco. “They’re spending less on advertising than they were, but they’re spending a significantly larger portion online, because it’s cheaper, and it’s where the audience is.”

Mr. Flint would not disclose sales figures, but he said traffic was growing more than 10 percent monthly, “and revenues are growing much faster than that.”

Redfin is a slightly different story because it does not accept advertising from brokers and agents. Rather, the site competes with traditional brokerage firms to offer people a way to buy and sell homes without face-to-face contact with an agent.

Buyers and sellers communicate with Redfin’s agents — in effect, customer service representatives on the Web — by phone and through e-mail to negotiate deals and arrange house visits, among other things. Customers pay far lower fees to Redfin than they would pay to traditional agents.

With home sales slowing, Mr. Kelman said that “we had to get very serious about figuring out what works and what doesn’t for sellers.” The company’s analysts pored through sales data and found that, among other things, listings that make their debuts on Fridays draw 7.7 percent more visitors than those introduced on Thursdays. In addition, listings priced at $351,001 receive significantly less attention online than those listed at $350,000, because of how real estate search engines filter their results.

The company began disseminating such tips to clients in December, around the same time Redfin’s results began improving. Since late September, the site’s share of real estate sales in which Redfin represented the buyer rose by 23 percent in Seattle, to nearly 2.5 percent, and jumped by 176 percent in the San Francisco area, to nearly 1 percent.

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This post title is "Commercial Real-Estate Bust"

Investors are hoping the subprime-mortgage debacle will be a bad memory by the year’s second half. Instead, they might have another mess to sort out in commercial real estate. If it were a movie, it might be called “Subprime II: Monster in Your Mall.” Commercial Property Loan

Work on everything from new malls to office parks helped to carry the construction industry as housing crumbled. While residential construction spending was down 20% in December from a year earlier, nonresidential construction was up 20%, according to the Census Bureau.

But clouds are forming over the sector. Commercial real estate probably didn’t get as overheated …

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February 15th 2008

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This post title is "U.S. commercial real estate loans "AAA" bond index weaker"

Even though the "AAA" bond index for U.S. commercial real estate has weakened somewhat, most analysts agree that commercial property defaults will increase but not nearly as much as the debacle seen in subprime home loans. Get your commercial real estate loans from us! The market analysts at both rating companies as well as investment banks agree that it is unlikely that commercial property defaults will reach anywhere near the levels that are being seen in the residential sector. The "AAA" CMBX-4 index widened another 10 basis points to trade at a midpoint spread of 235 basis points in afternoon trade on Monday, compared with its record high 224 basis points close on Friday, according to market sources. These bonds which are used by investors to hedge against commercial mortgage risks are backed by office buildings, hotels and retail stores.
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September 22nd 2007

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This post title is "Commercial Financing"

Get your small balance loan today. We have great rates!
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This post title is "Nate"

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Project home
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Commercial Mortgages

Commercial mortgages available in all 50 states.

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Commercial Real Estate Loans

  • Commercial Mortgage and Multifamily Debt Rose to $21.9 Billion in 4th Quarter

    The 2012 Mortgage Bangers Association report released it’s 4th quarter 2012 report.

    The commercial mortgage data book reveals outstanding debt increased to $21.9 billion (.9%) in the last quarter of 2012.

    Also the US GDP grew by .4% in this same time period.

    Office vacancy rates decreased slightly as well.

    This quarter saw the largest increase in commercial mortgage debt outstanding since 2008.


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