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Need a commercial mortgage?

Apply with us today!


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Organization commercial mortgage lenders loaning within 2013 by home finance loan Reits, various Reits and also conjecture shops climbed 332% on the previous calendar year in order to $23 thousand, seeing that mentioned by way of a Home loan Brokers Association examine. Of which exceeded your $17 thousand credited within 2007 and also included speculations, by way of example, $350 million within accountability from the professional financial institution to gather another Manhattan central stop with regard to Instructor Inc. Of which advance features a quality fee connected with 7. 5 fee centers on the benchmark London interbank presented fee, as well as Libor.

Banking institutions likewise widened their loaning through the similar period of time, outset $100 thousand within innovations within 2013, the 76% increment more than 2012, seeing that mentioned by the MBA.

End up being in which as it can certainly in which stage seemed to be beneath the $109 thousand credited within 2007, and also banking companies by and large are usually shunning your varieties of harmful wagers within house that they manufactured before the subsidence.

Very good example, banking companies towards the end connected with 2013 held $210 thousand connected with high-hazard improvement and also place innovations, decrease from the crest connected with $631 thousand within 2008, depending on your Fed Downpayment Insurance Corp. For now, banking companies held more company loans rejecting improvement and also place in comparison with on some other time in recent recollection, along with $1. 11 trillion within assets.

This more stage wanting with regard to territory likelihood usually reflects the post lock up admin environment through which banking companies happen to be advised to build their capital shops.


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We make commercial real estate loans nationwide!


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commercial real estate loans

$275 billion of commercial real estate loans will mature this year.


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The 2012 Mortgage Bangers Association report released it’s 4th quarter 2012 report.

The commercial mortgage data book reveals outstanding debt increased to $21.9 billion (.9%) in the last quarter of 2012.

Also the US GDP grew by .4% in this same time period.

Office vacancy rates decreased slightly as well.

This quarter saw the largest increase in commercial mortgage debt outstanding since 2008.


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Commercial mortgage loans available for all property types including: apartment, mixed use, land, retail, industrial, office, construction projects, joint ventures, hard money.

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We have excellent commercial mortgage rates on all commercial property types. Great rates on Multi-Family loans!


Commercial Real Estate Loan Defaults Down for August

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Having 5 months in a row of commercial real estate loan delinquency rates increasing, we finally have a leveling off of the rate of increase.

The default rate dropped 22% to roughly 10.1% showing the biggest drop since Nvember 2011.

The batch of 2007 loans past their 5 year maturity date causing the decline.


Commercial Real Estate Loans California

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Closed a 2,350,000 commercial mortgage loan on a restaurant in Newport Beach,CA

Check us out for great rates and terms.


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Closed on an Industrial Property in Phoenix.

$4,500,000 value

$3,000,000 loan amount

10 year fixed

30 year amortization

very competitive rate

1 point

12 day closing


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Closed another commercial mortgage in Las Vegas, Nevada

80% LTV

9 Day Close

610 FICO

Great fixed rate


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We just closed a Multifamily Loan in San Diego:

80% LTV


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Yes we are still making commercial mortgage loans!

Visit our site and apply today!


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We are open for business to make commercial real estate loans!

Check out our website and apply online!



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Our team evaluates your information and gives it to one of our nationwide loan specialists according to location and property type and contacts you based on your preference. A customized loan solution is then presented to you.

Qualification and
Pre-Approval Commercial Real Estate Loan is submitted for pre-approval:

* 1003 application and loan
submission form
* Tri-merged credit report
* Purchase and sales contract
if applicable.

Issues to borrower a Conditional Pre-Approval Letter within 48 hrs of complete package submission stipulating:

* Loan amount
* Rate
* Documents required for Underwriting
* Documents required for closing

Streamlined Underwriting

* Commercial Mortgage Borrower Signs pre-approval letter and
appraisal processing fee and
returns to Lenders Commercial Mortgage
* Provides all additional information
and documentation

* Orders appraisal
* Orders title
* Conducts fraud guard
* Obtains environmental insurance
* Conducts real estate and income
analysis (when applicable).

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